What is a kwiki?

A kwiki is a short promotional campaign that gives your followers the chance to meet you! The campaign is similar to a raffle, where purchases go towards supporting you directly.

Everyone who enters into your kwiki receives two things: access to your content and the chance to meet you on a 30-minute video call.

You choose the content, timing and promotion of your kwiki. When it’s over, a winner is randomly selected, and your 30-minute video call is scheduled.

After your video call with the winner is completed, we send you the money raised from your campaign. It's that simple

Featured Kwikis

Monetize your content

A kwiki is a one-time monetization event. Your followers get access to your content. Use kwikis when you have something special coming up!

Engage with your audience

Kwikis are all about you and your followers. Followers might enjoy your content but they love you! A video call can be the experience of a lifetime for one lucky winner!

Get more value for your work

Kwikis do not replace other monetization methods. It complements them! Launch a kwiki before, during or after your normal posting routine.




Video creators


Visual artists



Content creators of all kinds

How do I launch a kwiki?


promote your kwiki

Video call with the winner

get paid

What services does Kwikisweeps provide?

    We Take Care Of

  • Campaign design, launch and management
  • Creation of your customized kwiki webpage
  • Design of official rules and disclaimers
  • Social media and other promotional guidelines
  • Participant entries and payments
  • Winner selection, notification and verification
  • Posting and recordkeeping requirements
  • Customer support for all inquiries


  • Creating content
  • Promoting your campaign
  • 30-minute video call with the winner

Sweepstake registration, bonding and insurance requirements vary by state. Winner 1099 IRS compliance may be required. Kwikisweeps will manage all requirements as necessary

How does kwiki pricing work?

For followers, who enter into your kwiki, they can enter for between $2 and $100:


For you, Kwikisweeps will charge:

  • $89 administrative fee to setup and manage your campaign, plus
  • 20% of the total money raised after the administrative fee
  • Kwikisweeps never charges fees upfront
  • All fees are automatically subtracted from your campaign
  • If your campaign fails to raise enough money to cover the administrative fee for any reason, Kwikisweeps will not charge you the difference
  • Note, if your campaign receives any participants you are required to fulfill the 30-minute video call with the winner, regardless of how much money was raised