Sweepstake Promotion Guidelines

All content present on this website has been prepared by KWIKISWEEPS, Inc. for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Transmission of this information is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Internet subscribers and online readers should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.


  1. Do review, understand and comply with the Official Rules of your sweepstakes
    • Kwiki style sweepstakes follow a standardized set of Official Rules so you should review, understand and comply with those rules each time you sponsor a Kwiki
  2. Do contact your own lawyer if you have any questions about sponsoring or promoting your sweepstakes
  3. Do use the following legal disclaimer when promoting the sweepstakes: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. U.S., 18+. Subject to Rules at kwikisweeps.com
  4. Do record the video call, if you want, and advise the prize winner that you are doing so at the beginning of the call
    • Your video call with the winner can be used for new content
  5. Do create compelling content for participants of your sweepstakes
    • Early access to a great episode, track, dance moves, etc. makes your sweepstakes that much more appealing
  6. Do let KWIKISWEEPS know immediately of any consumer questions or complaints about the sweepstakes so KWIKISWEEPS can respond to them
  7. Do work with the prize winner in good faith to set up a mutually acceptable date and time for the video call, within one (1) month of being advised by KWIKISWEEPS that prize winner has been verified
  8. Do fully engage with the prize winner during the video call, acting in a respectful and polite manner at all times
  9. Do contact KWIKISWEEPS if you have any questions about the Official Rules or promoting your sweepstakes.


  1. Do not attempt to change the Official Rules once the sweepstakes has started
    • The Official Rules are a legal contract between you and sweepstakes participants. You will not be able to change any rules after the sweepstakes has begun.
  2. Do not promote any third-party products or services when promoting your sweepstakes
    • Promoting or otherwise endorsing any products or services in your content may result in regulatory action against you by the Federal Trade Commission and perhaps other authorities. Kwikis are about you, your content and your audience. Keep it that way. Do not promote any other products or services!
  3. Do not exaggerate or otherwise misrepresent the nature of the prize offered in the sweepstakes
    • Kwikis keep it simple. The winner will receive a video call with you.
  4. Do not include any other offers or promotions in conjunction with the sweepstakes
  5. Do not contact any entrant or announce the prize winner unless instructed to do so by KWIKISWEEPS in writing
  6. Do not antagonize, denigrate, demean or insult anyone (including entrants) in conjunction with offering the sweepstakes or discuss politics, religion, or other controversial subjects during the video call with prize winner
  7. Do not show up for the video call with prize winner if under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  8. Do not multitask during the video call
    • Give the prize winner your full, undivided attention. They're probably one of your biggest fans!